2000 Series

CLoc 2000 series

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4000 Series

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Aircraft SKAJ and SKFJ Series

Standard Undercut

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Racing SKEHF, SKEJ, AO and FO

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Aircraft size 2 and 5

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Cessna Cowling Mounts

SK2003 - J7444 Series

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Complete engineering services for panel applications traditionally using Camloc fasteners or Dzus fasteners. Skybolt has served the Aerospace and Defense industries since 1982 through distribution, engineering and manufacturing of high quality, traceable aerospace fasteners. We specialize in Quick Release Fasteners, Quarter turn Fasteners, ¼-Turn Fasteners, Panel Fasteners, Cowling Fasteners, and Captive Fasteners. 
Our engineering staff specializes in turning an idea or application requirement into production parts in a matter of hours. You can depend on Skybolt to provide a fastener that is designed to outperform anything in its class with enhanced strength ratings and a major focus on weight. 
The unique Skybolt Skytanium Series Quick Release Fasteners target a 50% weight advantage with steel strength ratings. These engineering breakthroughs have become an industry standard, from Airbus to NASCAR, NASA to USAC and IndyCar. If it flies, races, or launches, it probably has a Skybolt fastener on it. Skybolt has set the “Rolex” standard for “Quick Release Fastener” manufacturing. A Skybolt fastener has quality you can see with performance you can feel. 
Skybolt manufactures the following 1/4-Turn Fasteners under FAA-PMA and TSO-C148 Approvals and Revision requirements set by the FAA.

CLoc® - Stainless and Skytanium® - Compatible with Camloc®
Skybolt 300 stainless parts are built and tested to NASM5591 standards(1).
Featuring Pre-Engineered CLoc® Sets - Adjustable receptacles to fit most common applications.

  1. Skytanium® fasteners are Rockwell B hardness. All Diamondhead® Series are Rc27 on average.  CLoc® 4000 Series Skytanium® receptacles limited to 2500 cycles. For more information, please contact Skybolt engineering department.

ZLoc® - Steel, Stainless, Skytanium® - Compatible with Dzus®
ALoc® - Stainless -  Compatible with Airloc® 
Skybolt holds numerous STC Cowling Fastener approvals for Cessna and Beech Aircraft. Our Quality System meets the newest FAR21.137 and AS9100 requirements. Skybolt engineers have produced several recent US Patents for quarter turn fasteners, quick release fasteners, and captive fasteners.  For 2016, Skybolt has expanded our production capabilities in both machining and heading operations to support short run and high volume requirements. Our capacity is virtually unlimited.
Located at the Leesburg Regional Airport, Leesburg, Florida, Skybolt is housed in a beautiful 20,000 square foot facility that includes office and distribution, fastener production, along with aircraft maintenance and modifications. Skybolt is a hands-on organization. 

We use what we sell ~ and sell what we use.

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