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Providing the Fastest Lead Time in the Industry

We pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled speed and efficiency in meeting your fastening needs. Our commitment to excellence extends to our exceptional lead time, setting us apart as industry leaders. Need to fast-track a project? Look no further. With our expedited process, we can turn your concept into a manufactured and shipped reality in record time. Submit your requests on a Friday, and by Monday morning, experience the seamless transformation from idea to tangible product. Count on us to keep your projects soaring ahead with precision and reliability.

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Engineering Fastener Innovations

Skybolt® fasteners represent the highest quality in aerospace engineering. We cater to General Aviation, Commercial Jets, and Defense & Aerospace Land Vehicles. If it launches, flies, or races, you can trust our fasteners to provide ultimate security. With a strong commitment to precision and reliability, we offer durable solutions that ensure the structural integrity of your projects. Whether it’s the skies above or the ground below, our Skybolt® fasteners deliver unmatched performance, granting you the confidence to conquer new heights and reach your goals in the aerospace and defense industries.

General Aviation

Complete Panel Fastener Kits for most aircraft; including Piper, Cessna, Beechcraft, Mooney, and more!

Commercial Jets

The largest planes in the world rely on the strength and integrity of Skybolt.

Defense Aerospace & Land Vehicles

Skybolt created a protype designed for the Predator Drone and Skybolt panel fasteners are used for military vehicles.

Choosing a CLoc® Fastener

Selecting the ideal CLoc fastener for your application is crucial to ensure optimal performance and security. At Skybolt, we offer a wide range of CLoc fasteners designed to meet diverse aerospace needs. To assist you in making the best choice, consider the following factors:

Application Type: Identify the specific application where the CLoc fastener will be used. Whether it’s on a general aviation aircraft, a commercial jet, or a defense & aerospace land vehicle, matching the fastener to the application is essential for optimal results.

Material and Finish: Evaluate the environmental conditions and stresses the fastener will encounter. Choose from our variety of materials and finishes, such as stainless steel or cadmium plating, to ensure corrosion resistance and durability.

Load Capacity: Determine the load requirements of your application. Select a CLoc fastener with the appropriate load capacity to ensure the safety and integrity of your assembly.

Installation Method: Consider the ease of installation and maintenance. Some CLoc fasteners may require specific installation tools or techniques, while others offer quick and simple installation for efficiency.

Compatibility: Ensure the chosen CLoc fastener is compatible with the panel or component you are securing. Our fasteners are designed to work seamlessly with various panel types, including Camloc, Dzus, and Airloc compatible fasteners.

Consider the CLoc. 4000 or 6000 Series (if lip or panel overlap greater than 1.00)

  • .355 to .500 – Consider the CLoc. 2500 Series
  • .500 to .710 – Consider the CLoc. 26000/2700/2800 Series
  • .710* or more – Consider the CLoc. 4000 Series (.860* for SK244/245 Rec)

*See diagram on Page 2 or Page 20 for panel configuration/restrictions.

Consider the Skytanium. CLoc. ZG Series for 30% to 50% Weight savings (without sacrificing steel strength ratings)

What is the most demanding endurance application that also requires the absolute lightest fastener? Auto racing. Skybolt has engineered fasteners that are lighter but stronger than anything on the market. What works on Sundays also earns its wings 24/7 in the aerospace world, the defense world, the commercial applications world, and the marine world.

  • Most NASCAR teams rely on Skybolt™ Skytanium. Series Fasteners for significant weight savings without any sacrifice in strength.
  • One of the world’s largest commercial aircraft companies found the perfect Avionics Fastener in the Skybolt™ Skytanium. CLoc. ZG2500 Series Fasteners – a 50% weight savings without sacrificing strength.
  • The Cessna 150, 172, 177, and 182 fleet just found major relief in the new Skybolt™ SK2003 Cowling Mount using CLoc. 4000 Series Stainless Fasteners.
  • The new Skybolt™ 6000 Series Fasteners are designed for IED (Explosive) applications and armor plating applications.
  • One of the world’s foremost producers of missile systems found the perfect CLoc. Adjustable Bonded Receptacle for composite structures.
  • Another world leader in aerospace manufacturing found the perfect CLoc. Receptacle for an anti-abrasive application.

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