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  • Manufactured by: Skybolt® Aerospace Fasteners
  • Available in steel: Yes
  • Available in Skytanium®: Yes

ZLoc® Racing Series

One usually thinks of two components as part of the ZLoc® Fastener, the Stud and Spring Receptacle. In the case of the EHF
Ejector Series Stud, it is retained in the panel, when unlocked by the flange being fastened to the outside panel. Standard
ZLoc® Studs, typically use a Stud retainer to prevent them from falling from the panel when unlocked. Two common retainers
are the GP (Nylon) washer or the GA (for Oval Head Studs) or GF(for Flush Head Studs). GP (Nylon) Retainers require no
installation tooling. GA and GF Grommet/Retainers require tooling to install. GP (Nylon) Grommets do not figure into Total
Thickness calculations whereas GA or GF Grommets add .028 to Total Thickness Calculations.