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Skybolt is an innovative company. We invest vast time and money in design, engineering, and creation of innovative fasteners for a wide spectrum of industries. Skybolt is currently filing patent paperwork at an average rate of 1 every 60 days and could file more based on our unique engineering experience in the world of Panel Fasteners. Skybolt keeps a constant revision approval system with our aerospace oversight department of the US Government to maintain current TSO approvals; a rate far higher than most ISO9000 or AS9100 requirements. Last Updated: 11/01/2018

ReferencePatent DescriptionFile DatePatent Owner
5,688,093Ejecting Fastener for 1/4-Turn Fastener11-18-1997Ned Bowers
5,716,180Adjustable Locking Receptacle for 1/4-Turn Fastener2-10-1998Ned Bowers
5,795,122Adjustable Locking Receptacle for 1/4-Turn Fastener8-18-1998Ned Bowers
7,997,843Isolator Platemount – Cam Washer Adjustment8-16-2011Ned Bowers/Carlos Osorio
8,282,329Isolator Platemount – Cam Washer Adjustment10-9-2012Ned Bowers/Carlos Osorio
8,490,358Interlocking Flange Mounting System for 1/4-Turn Fastener7-23-2013Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
8,757,952Isolator Platemount – Cam Washer Adjustment6-24-2014Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
13/630,324Provisional – Armor Plate Quick Release Fastener11-8-2012Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
61/714,363Provisional – Armor Plate Quick Release Fastener10-15-2012Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
61/813,795Provisional – Folding Wing – Rivet Nut 1/4-Turn Fastener4-19-2013Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
14/256,436Provisional – Structural Fastener4-18-2014Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
14/850,092Provisional – Folding Wing – Rivet Nut 1/4-Turn Fastener5/7/2015Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
62/375,672Provisional – Fastener Hold Out Mechanism8/16/2016Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
62/436,644Provisional – Fastener Nutsert12/3/2016Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
62/471,406Provisional – Zlocker2/15/2017Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
62/513,663Provisional – Adjusting Cloc Receptacle5/3/2017Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
62/657,056Provisional – Adjusting Cloc Receptacle4-13-2018Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
62/719841Provisional – Adjusting Cloc Receptacle8-20-2018Ned Bowers/Russ Ortner
MarkTrademark DescriptionFile DateOwner
Skybolt®Skybolt Aeromotive CorpContinuousNed Bowers
Skytanium®Skybolt Lightweight MaterialContinuousNed Bowers
CLoc ®Camloc compatible 1/4-Turn FastenersContinuousNed Bowers
ALoc®Airloc compatible 1/4-Turn FastenersContinuousNed Bowers
ZLoc®Dzus compatible 1/4-Turn FastenersContinuousNed Bowers
Diamondhead®CLoc® 300 Series Phillips Head Hardened FastenersContinuousNed Bowers
ArmorLoc®Armor Plating Quick Release FastenersContinuousNed Bowers
VLoc™Interlocking Flange Fastening SystemContinuousNed Bowers
ZLocker™ZLoc® Locking FastenerContinuousNed Bowers
CopyrightCopyright DescriptionFile DateOwner
Installation Instructions©All Skybolt Installation Instructions for 1/4-Turn FastenersContinuousNed Bowers
Quality ControlAC21-43/CFR14 Part 21.137 CertifiedRev B1-10-2017
 Current FAR21.137 Certification by FAA 8-8-2016
 AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 Certified by NSF-ISRRev C12-14-2017
 AS9100D with ISO 9001:2015 Certified by NSF-ISRRev D11-15-2018
STCAircraftCertificate TypeLast Revision
SA3284SOC150, A150 SeriesTC 3A195-8-2010
 Cessna 150 – Converts Screws to Cloc® 2000 Fasteners  
 Cessna 150 – Converts Southco to Cloc® 4000 Fasteners  
SA3285SOC172, R172 Series3A12, 3A175-8-2010
 Cessna 172 – Converts Screws to Cloc® 2000 Fasteners  
 Cessna 172 – Converts Southco to Cloc® 4000 Fasteners  
SA02386ATC175, 175A, 175B, 175C Series3A176-22-2006
 Cessna 175 – Converts Screws to Cloc® 2000 Fasteners  
SA3286SOC177, 177RG SeriesA13CE, A20CE5-8-2010
 Cessna 177 – Converts Southco to Cloc® 4000 Fasteners  
SA02387ATC180, 180A, 180B, 180C Series  
 Cessna 180 – Converts Screws to Cloc® 2000 Fasteners5A65-22-2006
 Cessna 182 – Converts Screws to Cloc® 2000 Fasteners  
 Cessna 182 – Converts Southco to Cloc® 4000 Fasteners  
SA02660ATBeech Bonanza 35-33, 35-A33, 35-B33, 35-C33, 35-C33A, E33,3A15, A7779-15-2010
 E33A, E33C, F33, F33A, F33C, G33, H35, J35, K35, M35, N35,  
 P35, S35, V35, V35A, V35B, 36, A36TC, B36TC, G36, 35, A35,  
 B35, C35, D35, E35, F35, G35, 35R  
 Bonanza – Converts Dzus and Airloc to CLoc® 2000 and 4000  
 Series Fasteners  
FAA-PMAApproval Revision Dates
PQ1554CECessna Conversion STC 6-25-2010
PQ1422CEBeech Conversion STC 7-6-2010
TSO-C148ApprovalRevisionRevision Dates
TSO-C148Panel Fastener Manufacturing ApprovalP3-15-2016
TSO-C148Panel Fastener Manufacturing ApprovalQ8-23-2016
TSO-C148Panel Fastener Manufacturing ApprovalR2-15-2017
TSO-C148Panel Fastener Manufacturing ApprovalS7-26-2017
TSO-C148Panel Fastener Manufacturing ApprovalT8-10-2018


  • William C Schwartz Industry Innovation Award – 2012 – Metro Orlando Economic Development Commission
  • Top 100 Manufacturers in Florida – 2015 – Orlando Business Journal
  • GROWFL – Grant Participant -2015
  • GROWFL – Grant Participant -2017 – Top 50
  • Nominated 2018 FloridaMakes/Florida Sterling Manufacturing Business Excellence (SMBE) Award
  • MACF – 2019 – Manufacturer of the Year

AS9100 and FAR21.137 QMS (Quality Manual System and Quality Standards) certified and inspected by the Federal Aviation Administration, Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) and Airframe Certification Office (ACO).

AS9102 First Article and Form 8130 Release FAA PMA PQ1554CE and Production Holder (PAH) certified and inspected by Federal Aviation Administration Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO).

Supplemental Type Certificates approved and inspected by the Federal Aviation Administration, Manufacturing Inspection District Office (MIDO) and Airframe Certification Office (ACO).

Calibration Standards as per MIL-45662A/ANSI/NCSL Z540.3-2006/ISO 10012-1 & ISO/IEC Guide 25; and AS9100-7.6, 8.2.4 and FAR21.137(f).

Statistical Sampling as per ANSI/ASQC Z1.4-1993. Cloc® components are manufactured to meet and exceed NASM5591 Table II Performance (unless noted) with in-house testing/independent testing. CLoc®, ALoc®, ZLoc® components (unless noted) are approved under TSO-C148 requirements for installation or replacement on all TC certificated airframes.

Cage Code 435Z0 HTS (ECCN) CCR Number North American Industry JCP Number Classification (NAICS) Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) JCP Federal Supply Classification (FSC) US/Canada Joint Cert. OfficeDD Form 2345 MPIN Business Type (SBA) Marketing Partner IDDUNS Number 10-184-9024 EAR 99 See CCR Information 0026417 336413 Other Aircraft Parts 332721 Precision Turned Mfg 3999 Manufacturing Industries, NEC 1560 Airframe Structural Components DD Form 2345 0026417 21 Small Business SK9000NCB