Skybolt has several NDAs with various top level defense companies. These relations have afforded Skybolt to work with US Airforce and Army personnel to design fasteners for a prime UAV program. Our engineers visited various test sites for hands on installation and demonstrations to engineers and government agencies. The Skybolt quick acting fastening system exceeded all strength values of the OEM Quad lead Screw; exceeded NASM5591 and MIL-STD-810F Dust and Sand requirements. The design fit existing holes, existing bonded cages, even used the same installation tooling….at a notable savings in cost and lead time. Our fastener was adjustable and easily removable without removing the panels.

Skybolt engineers have designed armor plate fasteners for MRAP, JLTV, and IFV land based vehicles with successful drop tests that exceeded the bolts they replaced. The Skybolt armor fasteners are easily adjustable using the ball end of an Allen wrench with the fastener and plates installed. This allows variances in plates for quick and positive interchangeability. Being able to transport plating separate to the vehicle allows enhanced vehicle transport logistics. The Skybolt armor fastener also has an anti-FOD feature to prevent the fastener from becoming shrapnel in case of a severe blast. A traditional bolt will never have this safety feature.

To meet new standards for the JLTV program, Skybolt designed and installed heavy duty ¼- turn fasteners into the same nutserts as the OEM bolts that secure the engine cover. This design was an easy and cost effective retrofit that significantly decreased the removal and installation of the massive armor cover. A unique Skybolt feature prevents the fastener from becoming FOD in case of IAD explosions.

In 2017, Skybolt will begin supplying innovative tool-less fastening systems to track vehicle upgrades.

Many of these innovations are finding their way back into our standard product line as enhanced features such as Nutsert devices converted to ¼-Turn fasteners; our unique patent pending holdout feature; and soon to be released fully retractable stud device with 100% flush locking design.