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  • Manufactured by : Skybolt Aerospace Fasteners
  • Meets TSO-C148: Yes
  • Stainless: Yes
  • Interchangeable with Airloc®: Yes

ALoc® Aircraft Series

ALoc® Fasteners are common on Beechcraft® airplanes and latches on many cowlings. The design consists of a simple stud with a pin pressed in the shank. The pin must be installed after the stud is installed and removed prior to removing the stud. Some panel applications for #2, #5, and #7 studs may use a wear grommet. Unlike a ZLoc® Fastener, this grommet probably does not require replacement when replacing studs.

ALoc® Fasteners are made in various stud blank lengths and this length is indicated by the 1st Dash#. Each length can have up to 10 2nd Dash#s, or grip sizes. The 2nd Dash# indicates the maximum grip range in .010 increments. Note that the ALoc® design has the least grip range of all 1/4 turn fasteners. Skybolt primarily stocks certain sizes in Stainless Steel for replacement purposes only.

See Conversion Kits for STCd Aloc to CLoc (Camloc style) conversions.

  • Interchangeable with Airloc® part numbers
  • Parts meet TSO-C148
  • Stainless