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Ned & Debra Bowers

Skybolt has served the Aerospace and Automotive Racing industries since 1982 through distribution and manufacturing of high quality, traceable aerospace fasteners.  We specialize in ¼-Turn Panel and Cowling fasteners, specifically in 303 stainless and our unique lightweight, high strength Skytanium® materials.

In 1993, Skybolt developed high tech manufacturing processes to produce innovative ¼-turn fasteners. Developments in the aerospace and racing markets presented opportunities to design higher quality, higher strength lightweight fasteners. Skybolt achieved three US Patents on adjustable designs that allow one fastener length to adjust to any panel thickness. We quickly introduced these designs into the FAA approval process for use on certified aircraft. We have gone on to add additional patent applications for adjustable CLoc® Fasteners.

DELTA AIR LINES CAPT. NED C. BOWERS HOMECOMING - JAN. 13, 2017 MUNICH to ATLANTA Delta Airline Capt. Ned C. Bowers Homecoming - January 13th 2017 Munch to Atlanta

Delta Air Lines Capt. Ned C. Bowers Homecoming – January 13th 2017 Munich to Atlanta

We identified every weak point in every fastener design and capitalized on better designs. Skybolt became the leading source for all variations of cowling fasteners common to commercial aircraft. To further develop our “kit” concept, and to create better controls on quality, we began manufacturing industry standard cowling fasteners in-house. Skybolt could now enhance quality, strength, and luster finish. We were free to innovate, and innovate we did. The new Skytanium® alloys, developed by Skybolt, decreased weight by 40% to 50% while maintaining MIL-F-5591C and NASM5591 strength!

Ned and his father, Win Bowers

Ned and son, Matt Bowers, built a winning race team

The Skytanium® ¼-Turn fastener and derivatives can eliminate serious weight from helicopters, UAVs, existing commercial airliners, and be the perfect answer to the Boeing 787 and Airbus 320-350 programs.

Skybolt Team Members

Debra Bowers / Vice President & General Manager / Joined Skybolt 2001
Ned Bowers / President & Founder / Joined Skybolt 1982
April Braun / Sales Manager, Purchasing, Production Scheduling, Training / Joined Skybolt 2003
Betty Carr / Receiving – Quality Control / Joined Skybolt 2005
Tyler Evans
/ Sales / Joined Skybolt 2021
Christy Exum / Shipping Manager, Invoicing & Sales / Joined Skybolt 2007
John Falarski / Machining Operations, SolidWorks & IT / Joined Skybolt 2014
Blair Good / Production & Assembly Team / Joined Skybolt 2019Tim Johnson / Production & Assembly Team / Joined Skybolt 2020
Kim Keenan / Production & Assembly Team / Joined Skybolt 2020
Susan Martin
/ Receiving – Quality Control / Joined Skybolt 2018
Josh Meier / Sales / Joined Skybolt 2017
Dave Mischia / Paint & Assembly Team / Joined Skybolt 2019
Carlos Osorio / Manager of Machining Operations / Joined Skybolt 1993
Russ Ortner / SolidWorks Engineering, Product Development / Joined Skybolt 1998
Jodie Perine / Production & Assembly Manager / Joined Skybolt 2019
Dora Williams / Production & Assembly Team / Joined Skybolt 2021
Carolyn M. Carlton / Accounting Contact