U.S. 48 States - SKYBOLT will ship all phone, fax, or written orders via UPS, either Surface or Air Shipments.
We primarlity ship UPS but can ship Fedex. Please note: All Fedex orders must be called in by 1:00 pm EST and you must supply a Fedex account number

All order placed after 3:00 pm EST may be subject to ship the following day. Please specify any other shipping requirements. Invoicing will include shipping charges, handling (if applicable), COD charges (if COD), insurance charges, and Sales Tax when it applies.

Alaska Orders - All UPS Air services available. Postal shipments now accept Personal/Company checks for COD shipments.

*Canada Orders - All UPS services available except: No COD or Hazardous materials. The same restrictions apply to Parcel Post. Parcel Post may also restrict package weight to 35 pounds.

*Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central & South America, Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific destinations - UPS Air Service available. Packages may be consolidated as a single shipment. No COD or Hazardous. Air express services are available to all destinations and consolidated rates apply. No COD shipments via
air express services.

*No International COD or Letters of Credit


UPS - Claims or tracer require a minimum of 10 days from shipment. Normally, after a tracer has been initiated, a reply can be obtained after the 10th day. DAMAGES - It is the customer's responsibility upon receipt to notify driver of obvious damage. For unobvious damage, the customer must first notify their UPS office then SKYBOLT. We will then notify our UPS office for prompt settlement. Customer must retain the original box and materials for UPS inspection. Our experience in these matters, though rare, has been very positive and timely when all procedures are followed.

POST OFFICE - All USPS orders ship the following day.
Skybolt does not have a daily mail carrier that picks up at our facilty. PLEASE NOTE: ALL USPS packages are shipped through Click N Ship with traceabaility. However we are unable to trace a package once it leave the U.S. Skybolt will not be reasposnible for any lost or damged packges when shipping U.S.P.S.